Sustainability and Environment


The Sustainability and Environment thrust involves the study of public opinion and the mass media effects on science, environment and climate issues.

Traffic Control and Management
A Social Perspective towards General Well-Being: Despite improvements in traffic control and management technologies, knowledge about its impact at the societal level is still inconclusive. In this project, we aim to understand how such technologies affect society and how it relates to their general well-being. Results of this project will help inform authorities to make recommendations to improve policies in traffic control and management.

Haze Analytics ToolS (HATS)
This Project Aims To Develop A Suite Of Haze Analytics Tools (HATS) To Provide People With Necessary Information About Haze Situation In Singapore. The Information Will Range From Current Pollutant Standards Index (PSI) Levels To Suggested Activities Depending On One’s Health Status. HATS Will Have A Front-End (Web And Mobile Interface) And Back-End (Analytics) Systems. We Will Also Integrate The HATS Technology With The Latest Wearable Devices And Explore Its Feasibility As A Health Monitoring Sensor.
This project aims at constructing a comprehensive Smart City Index adapted for Asia, which can be used by various stakeholders to objectively assess and evaluate the potential of a city for smart transformation. A scientific and systematic ranking scheme will be developed to assess and evaluate Asian urban cities' smartness and/or potential ability of smart transformation.

Qipao via Museum Augmentation and Digital Library (Qipao via MADL)
In this project, we describe the design and implementation of a socially-constructed 3D virtual museum and digital library in the preservation of cultural heritage of the chinese clothes or "Qipao", which is an evidence of culture melting of chinese-western-southeast Asia.