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Project Overview

This project investigates new approaches offered by Social Media to rethink and explore newways to measure research outputs by comparing traditional metrics with Altmetrics (new metrics based on social media).Thus, we aim to design, develop and evaluate a system prototype called ARIA "Altmetrics for Research Impact Actuation", to gather and compute altmetrics to measure research impact.​

Study Objectives

To develop a system prototype called “Altmetrics for Research Impact Actuation” (ARIA) to measure research impact for researchers, universities, research institutes and policy-makers. To compute cross-metric validation between traditional metrics and altmetrics for the “hard sciences” disciplines, the “non-hard sciences” disciplines, and “innovation and commercialization”.

Research Study Design 

In this study, we use a mixed method that covers a variety of approaches in data collection, including Interviews, Surveys, Content Analysis, Social Network Analysis, and Usability Studies.

Data collection was conducted through three (3) phases as follows:

Phase 1: Worldwide survey, feature analysis, case study and interviews

Phase 2: Social media data extraction and analysis

Phase 3: Data collection pertaining to ARIA evaluation








​Photos from AROSIM Workshop held at CHESS on 26 Jan 2018