I-SING 2018

About I-SING 2018

This year, for the first time, I-SING2018 went international with participants from as Finland, Taiwan, France and Japan. This made I-SING2018 an ideal test ground to understand the social and cultural impacts of exergaming on the elderly on a more global level.​

I-SING2018 consisted of three main activities: (a) exergame training; (b) exergame qualifying competition at participating SACs; and (c) the I-SING2018 finals:

Since 2016, I-SING has been received positively by the elderly and senior activity centres. Preliminary findings ​from our aging research translated into a community programme on a local and international stage as I-SING2018 encouraged senior citizens to exercise but also enabled intergenerational bonding between our youths and the elderly through fun and interactive activities.
WKW I-SING Senior Citizens ExerGames_30 Nov_Lee Jia Ying (96).jpg WKW I-SING Senior Citizens ExerGames_30 Nov_Lee Jia Ying (137).jpg